A Systematic Approach to Dermatopathology

Color Atlas with 420 Pages and Virtual Dermatopathology Slides
by Fred F. Soeprono, M.D., J.D. and Daniel E. Buxton, M.D. (Illustrator)

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A Systematic Approach to Dermatopathology (book cover image)
A lavishly illustrated guide to over 600 diseases of the skin and hair. Each entry includes synonyms, clinical findings, histologic features for diagnosis, differential diagnoses and references when pertinent.
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Through 25 years of teaching and reading dermatopathology using the method of pattern recognition first propounded by Dr. Bernard Ackerman of New York University, Dr. Soeprono organized and presented the voluminous material in A Systematic Approach which is both comprehensible and digestible.
Over the last two decades, Dr. Soeprono personally examined and collected the real cases of dermatopathology that are included in this book. Dr. Soeprono also visually demarcated the histologic features of each entity for easy illustration of the findings.In addition to being a histologic primer, this is also a work of scientific research and contains the entire exhaustive field of dermatopathology.
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($240.00 USD for the Textbook and Virtual Dermatopathology Diskettes plus shipping and taxes)

Virtual Dermatopathology

The four DVDs contain virtual slides for most of the entities described in the textbook. The virtual slides can be viewed and interacted with using the Aperio ImageScope digital slide viewer (available for download on the Internet and on the DVDs). The software enables rapid access to crisp, true-color digital slide images including magnification, panning, zooming, and annotation of areas of interest.
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($240.00 USD for the Textbook and Virtual Dermatopathology Diskettes plus shipping and taxes)
Fred F. Soeprono, M.D., M.P.H., J.D. is the Director of Dermatopathology, Department of Dermatology, Loma Linda University School of Medicine, Loma Linda, California.